Dear 2023

3 min readJan 29, 2023

I’m not one to typically have resolutions for the year but my recent job interviews and having gone through my portfolio inspired me to write something.

I’ve been actively job hunting since November 2022, and what a time to search for jobs. Given that it was the end of the year, most people were clearing their annual leaves — it was tough, I had 2 interviews at the end of 2022 and sadly was not offered any positions.

I had a friend who was going through a similar job-hunting process, albeit in a different industry. They were worried for me, given that I've had bouts of unemployment since I graduated from university in 2018.

They encouraged me to explore roles outside of the creative industry which I was admittedly apprehensive about doing so. My time at my previous agency crashed and burned but never have I felt that I’ve finally found something that I’ve always been meant to do and I wasn't willing to give up so soon.

I want to be a copywriter, and as someone who was largely unmotivated and not passionate for most of her life, I’ve finally found something that I think I can be good at.

For once in my life, I am actually motivated to chase and pursue something. I can confidently say that for now, I will stop at nothing to chase my dream.

Recently, I was interviewed by two different companies for two different roles. And not to toot my own horn, but I genuinely think I did fantastic in those interviews.

The first role is a Content Strategist role. It was an interesting experience given that I did not have to submit a writing assignment and was told from the get-go from HR that upper management was quite keen to interview me.

The interview happened and I managed to make the upper management laugh and smile throughout my interview, I was told multiple times by my would-be manager that my answers were good and was thanked for my honesty.

The second role was for a junior copywriter position. I did a writing test, which led me to a second round of interviews where my interviewer said that he thought me writing my Rice article was brave, said that I could write and that he sensed no red flags from interviewing me. He also let me know at the end of the interview that he would recommend me for my third and final round of interviews. This was a first for me, having my interviewer so confident in me that they did not have to deliberate any further.

I had my last round of interviews last Friday and I felt so moved by that interview. To me, it felt so much more like a conversation than an interview. At the end of my interview, I asked what my chances were and was told that they were fair, but was kept grounded given that my interviewer had to speak to two more candidates before making the final hiring decision.

I was also told that through looking at my portfolio, my interviewer liked that I could turn dry subjects interesting and they also said that I can write. Even if I don’t get the job, I would take it as a positive experience because I felt so honoured to even have a chance to speak with my interviewer.

Despite having people tell me I can write, I still have imposter syndrome and having people of authority tell me that I can write and enjoy my writing is a huge confidence boost.

There is no clear message for this piece. If anything, I’d like to destigmatise having a successful and stable job at 26 and that being lost and searching can happen at any time in life.

Here’s to hearing good news in the coming week. Happy new year and happy Lunar new year to those who celebrate. 新年快乐, 春节快乐! I’m going to make 2023 my bitch!




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